Notes on "The Last of the Romantics"… Featured Song
About fifty years ago a former Navy Hospital Corpsman, who after his discharge, opened a short lived "Beatnick" coffee house, called "The Purple Egg", handed me $5 for singing some folk songs before a bewildered gathering of young people. At that time you get a hamburger for 50 cents, so I thought, "I'm on my way!"

So here I am all these years later, still performing and putting out another record, a compact disc, which of course wasn't an available product back in those "beatnick" days. I've always composed songs (the first at age 7) but rarely performed them. The folks at Wepecket Island Records, notably Jack Radcliffe, changed that by encouraging in me the ability to put together, (along with some traditional songs), some original songs for recording.

So here is my second CD with Wepecket and let's hope a few folks will enjoy the results, having now after a long journey, turned the page.

I want to especially acknowledge my long musical relationship with the fellow who once again provides incredible musicianship on this CD, Jim Bennett. Jim and I have been working together since 1973 and he's been amazingly resilient in putting up with my timing problems and sometimed eccentric behavior. It's been a gift to have him along once again.

Special thanks to Rob Pemberton at Sounds Interesting Studios, Lori Bates for her outstanding graphic work, the gentleman's chorus on "Tin Can Sailors" and "The Last of The Romantics", and all other contibutors to this project. Finally all the associate Reprobates, some of which are no longer around, who were along for the journey.

  Rum Runner
A song about a proud and unapologetic prohibition era rum- runner. From the cd titled: "Red Right Returning".
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